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PIE LTER 15-minute surface water dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salinity of six high marsh ponds, Rowley, MA, during the summer of 2016.


We estimated the oxygen metabolism of six  ponds in three regions of the PIE-LTER marshes during summer 2016. The goal was to assess whether pond metaoblism rates varied predictably with pond dimensions (e.g., surface area, volume) or geographic attributes (e.g., elevation, distance from upland, marsh region). Sensors recording dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature, and salinity were deployed at mid-depth and rotated between the six ponds through the June - August study period. Metaoblism rates were calcluated based on a free-water diel oxygen approach.

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Oxygen-based metabolism rates of gross and net ecosystem production (GEP, NEP) and respiration (R) were measured between 23-June to 23-August, 2016. Sensors recorded DO (% saturation), temperature (°C), and conductivity (mS cm-1) in 15-minute intervals. Due to availability, we used combination of sensors and deployments were rotated between ponds, including one YSI EXO2 (0-50 ± 0.1 mg DO L-1, -5-50 °C, 0-200 ± 1% mS cm-1) and two of each HOBO DO (U26-001, 0-30 ± 0.5 mg DO L-1), conductivity (U24-002-C, 0.1-55 ± 0.005 mS cm-1) and temperature (UA-002-64, -20-70 °C) loggers. One of the HOBO DO sensors failed on 28-July and data after this date were discarded. Sensors were situated at mid-depth above patches of bare sediment and regularly inspected, cleaned, and calibrated according to manufacturer specifications and standards. Salinity (practical salinity unit, psu) was calculated from conductivity and temperature data using manufacturer software. DO (mg L-1) was calculated from % saturation, barometric pressure, salinity, and temperature data.


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Version 01: August 18, 2020, data and metadata updates to comply with importation to DEIMS7 and LTER Data Portal. Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Sep2019.xlsm 9/3/19 5:19 PM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0.


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