Data Nuggets

During 2015 PIE LTER began involvement via our Schoolyard K-12 education program with the Michigan State University NSF sponsored Data Nuggets activity. Elizabeth Duff leads PIE's Data Nugget involvement to inspire teachers and scientists to bring data from ongoing research into the classroom and take students through the process of science, from the inception of ideas to the analysis and interpretation of data.

Examples and links to Data Nuggets associated with the PIE LTER Schoolyard K-12 education program.

Make Way for Mummichogs

Keeping Up with the Sea Level

Does Sea Level Rise Harm Saltmarsh Sparrows?

Urbanization and Estuary Eutrophication

Can a Salt Marsh Recover After Restoration?

Can Mudsnails Disrupt a Salt Marsh Foodweb?

Invasive Reeds in the Salt Marsh

Is Your Salt Marsh in the Zone?

Marsh Makeover