Striped Bass Curriculum

Striper Science:

Striper Science is a set of lesson plans and resources for middle school and high school level based on striped bass research conducted in Massachusetts and put together by former education coordinator Liz Duff. Resources include PowerPoint presentations, inquiry lessons based on databases, field studies, and online videos. We are proud to present these lesson plans and resources which are based on Massachusetts Science Curriculum Frameworks.


This work was conducted by partners associated with PIE LTER. The scientific research was conducted by Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, UMass-Amherst (Dr. Martha Mather, Sarah Pautzke and Kristen Ferry) and supported by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. Lesson developers and advisors include Liz Duff, Martha Mather, Kristen Ferry, Robert Muth, Jack Finn, Sarah Pautzke, Pat Harcourt and Melissa Sanderson. Striper Science was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Striper Science Outline:
This contains an outline of the Striper Science essential understandings, vocabulary, and Massachusetts Science Frameworks. (PDF 108K)