Graduate and Post-Graduate


Graduate Students

PIE offers a multifaceted community of scientists to help guide graduate students in developing, conducting and presenting their own research projects. Graduate students may come from a number of institutions closely afflilated with PIE, including  University of New Hampshire, Northeastern University, University of South Carolina, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Clark University, Villanova University, and Yale University. There are many opportunities available to become a graduate student affiliated with PIE and we welcome relationships with all universities. Contact the PIE graduate student representative, Chris Whitney of University of New Hampshire, about his experience. 










Post-Doctoral Scientists

Post-doctoral scientists also benefit from the interdisciplinary community of researchers and research projects at PIE. They are given the opportunity to independenly develop, implement, and manage their own research project, while working collaboratively with the whole PIE community and contributing to PIE overarching research goals. They gain experience in managing a research project, including planning field and lab activities, making hiring and purchasing decisions, working with a team of research assistants, and overseeing graduate, undergraduate, or high school students.