Estimated River Length for Rivers in the Ipswich and Parker River Watersheds - ASCII Raster File


This datalayer is a gridded data set of cell length, corresponding with an estimate of river length, for rivers in Plum Island Sound watershed. The resolution is 120 m x 120 m. This layer gives length of each grid cell (either as 120m if vertical or horizontal, or 169.7 if diagonal). This information is derived from the flow direction data file: WAT-RGIS-120m-FlowDirection.asc Provide length of river, uncorrected for sub grid cell meandering, which is assumed to be relativelty small.

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Cell lengths are calculated from the river network flow direction data and grid cell resolution described for WAT-RGIS-120m-FlowDirection.asc

Process_Date: 2001-2003


Information relevant to the GIS data encoding

Length of cells in river networkHorizontal Coordinate System Name:NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001

Datum: D North American 1983
Reference Ellipsoid: Name: GRS 1980 Semi Axis: 6378137.0
Meridian: Greenwich
Projection Name : Lambert Conformal Conic
Number of bands : 1
Raster Origin : Lower Left
Rows : 392
Columns : 467
Cell Geometry :pixel


Progress: Complete. Maintenance and Update Frequency: As needed. Edition: 1st

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