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Level of Protection for Areas Designated Protected and Open Space - Ipswich Watershed - Idrisi Raster File.


This datalayer is part of a group of layers used for research in the Ipswich River Watershed. This datalayer shows the level of protection for areas that are defined as Protected and Recreational Open Space by MassGIS ( This layer is derived from the Protected and Recreational Open Space layer provided by for each town. The values are from the Level of Protection (lev_prot) field in the data table. To show the what level of protection open space areas in the Ipswich watered are under.

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1. Download Protected and Recreational Open Space layer for each town in the watershed (

2 Add each towns ‘osp(#)p1.shp file.

3. Merge individual towns layers into one complete coverage with table for all values.

4. Union open space layer with a layer of MassGIS towns.

5. Convert to grid using “lev_prot” field as value.

6. Extract to IDRISI

7. Reclass back ground values from -9999 to 0.

8. Overlay with inverse mask with a value of 7 outside the study area.

9. Reclass to switch 0 and 7 values.

10. Edit Legend.

11. Save

Process_Date: June 4, 2002


Information relevant to the GIS data encoding

The level of protection for open spaceHorizontal Coordinate System Name:NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001

Datum: D North American 1983
Reference Ellipsoid: Name: GRS 1980 Semi Axis: 6378137.0
Meridian: Greenwich
Projection Name : Lambert Conformal Conic
Number of bands : 1
Raster Origin : Lower Left
Rows : 1152
Columns : 1692
Cell Geometry :pixel


Progress: Complete. The ‘no information’ category contains land what is included in the Ipswich study area, but not in the MassGIS open space layers. Therfore, although this area is in the Watershed, we have no information about that land. . Maintenance and Update Frequency: This layer may be updated as MassGIS updates its Open Space datalayer. Edition: First

Metadata converted from MSWord documentation on 1.15.2013 by M. Hayn using "PIE_WordMetaConvert" package developed for conversion of data to EML 2.1.0 in R environment.

8/1/2019 corrected lat/long inversion for Ipswich Watershed boundary box.



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