Plum Island Coastal Field Stations: A User Guide

      Marshview Farm                           Rowley Field House
297 Newburyport Turnpike               95 Railroad Avenue
   Newbury, MA 01951                          Rowley, MA 01969

   (978) 465-4127                                   (978) 948-5016

Download directions (pdf)

Introduction and Description of Facilities

There are two field facilities, Marshview Farm and the Rowley Field House, available for use by Plum Island researchers and colleagues associated with the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL). The Rowley Field House has been rented from Essex County Greenbelt Association since 1992 and provides the LTER with direct water access.  Marshview Farm in Newbury, MA, was purchased by MBL in January of 2003 to support the rapidly expanding Plum Island coastal research program.  This facility provides expanded housing, laboratory space, storage, and meeting and conference areas for visiting students and researchers.

Marshview field station

2 adjoining houses - each with three bedrooms, a kitchen, full baths, and living space
The facility can house up to 13 individuals at any one time.
Basement laboratory equipped with sinks, counter space, and short-term refrigerator and freezer storage.
An enclosed garage bay that can be used for short-term storage of field equipment and supplies, although there is no electricity.
The five-acre property includes garden plots, open fields, and a small pond.
The property is surrounded by over 125 acres of woods and marsh managed by the State Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife.
Just north of the property a walking path leads to a canoe launching spot and nice views of the Parker River.

Rowley House field station

2 bedrooms (4 beds each), a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living area and small basement that can be used short term for some lab needs.
There is also a small boat dock on the premises.


Use of Facilities

During Covid19 there is restricted access to PIE LTER facilities therefore requests must be coordinated via contacting

The Plum Island LTER maintains an online calendar to coordinate use of the Marshview and Rowley facilities.  Calendar information can be found at the Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Field Station Calendar page. To obtain access to the calendar or for more information about scheduling a visit to either field station please contact Marshview is available for year round use while Rowley is seasonal only (May through November).

Guidelines for use: The Marshview facility is designed to meet the needs of both summer-long residents and shorter-term researchers.  While the primary purpose of the facility is to support scientific research, it is important to remember that it is also a temporary home for summer field researchers. Bedrooms at both Marshview and Rowley are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  There are no single rooms.  We ask short-term users to share rooms with each other before sharing with other long-term users.  Visitors must provide their own sheets, linens and towels.  There is a washer and dryer in the upstairs bathroom of the “front house” at Marshview.  As is true for any communal living situation, please be respectful of each other’s personal possessions, privacy and need for quiet.

Marshview not MUDview: Salt marsh ecology is dirty business so extra effort is required to keep the houses and the lab space clean.  There are outside faucets near the lab entrances to wash muddy gear and people.  Keep dirty gear and clothing outside, do not wear or keep field footwear or waders in the house, and hang wet gear on the clothesline.

Chipping in: The Marshview and Rowley Houses are run and cleaned by the people that use the facility.  There is no grant for the upkeep and supply needs of the facilities and no caretaker; therefore it is the responsibility of each project to contribute to the cleanliness and maintenance of the field station.  Be conscientious of your use of household consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, cleaning supplies etc. and re-stock as needed.  When you leave, always make sure the bedrooms, kitchen and common areas are clean and organized for the next visitor.  Residents will help with weekly cleaning of general use areas.  Use the white boards in the kitchen to keep track of household needs and to coordinate use of common areas, labs, and meeting space.

Where to park:  At Marshview, please park vehicles in the parking area south of the barn. At the Rowley House, only 2 field vehicles are allowed to park at the house. If your project has 2 or more vehicles, park behind each other (front to rear) in the lot at the garage, pull all the way into the lot to accomplish this. Please leave 2 open spaces at garage lot for co-dock/home owner Neil Levine. Parking is also available up the road at the train station, ~$4.00/day.

And remember..... No Smoking and No pets inside the facilities.

Download Field Station User Guide (here, pdf)