PIE LTER Water Level Stations


An OTT (RLS)  radar level system was installed on the IBYC pier in the Fall of 2011. The sensor is mounted underneath the pier dock house with the sensor face plate looking down at the surface of the water. As the water level changes due to tidal water exchange the sensor measures the distance between the sensor face and the surface of the tidal water.

<----- on left
Close up photo of OTT RLS.

on right ----->
RLS is mounted underneath concrete "U" shape pad.



YSI sonde

YSI water quality sondes can also measure water level using a pressure strain gage sensor. The sondes are mounted in PVC 4" diameter pipes in the water column and the pressure sensor measures water level changes above the sonde during tidal water exchange. YSI sondes have been mounted off the Middle Road Bridge (Thurlow's Bridge), Parker River, Newbury, MA, off the bulkhead at Fernald's Marine, Rt 1A, Parker River, Newbury, MA and off the IBYC pier, Plum Island Sound, Ipswich MA.
                      Fernals's Marine, R1A                                                      Middle Road Bridge                                                   YSI sonde at IBYC pier



Marsh water level is also measured using pressure sensors. Onset HOBO U20 series water level sensors have been installed in marsh pipes and adjacent river channels to allow measurements of marsh water level as tidal water exchange occurs. Groups of pipes with sensors leading away from the marsh/river channel edge allow various water levels in the marsh to be recorded and subsequent calculations of the amount of water exchanged between the river and the marsh porewater.

Marsh water level logger pipes in the Parker River salt                 HOBO water level sensor bag deployment set up.             HOBO sensor in the field.
marsh downstream of the Railroad Bridge, Newbury, MA.