PIE LTER Eddy Flux Stations

Direct measurements of exchange of carbon dioxide between the salt marsh and the atmosphere allow us to estimate major parts of the carbon balance of this ecosystem. The measured net ecosystem exchange can be partitioned in gross primary production and ecosystem respiration. To measure this vertical exchange, two eddy covariance flux towers are located in the salt marshes of the Nelson Island Creek catchment. 'Nelson 1' tower was installed in 2011 and 'Nelson 2' tower was installed in 2012. While the station ‘Nelson 1’ is temporary and has to be removed during winter, ‘Nelson 2’ is running all year round. Together they provide a high resolution record of net carbon dioxide exchange, evapotranspiration and energy exchange. Many measurements are required including: air temperature, relative humidity,
IRGA (CO2, H2O), 3D anemometer (u, v, w),net radiometer,
PAR, soil temperature, water table level and soil heat flux.


                    Eddy covariance flux tower ‘Nelson 1’ in August 2011.          Eddy covariance flux tower ‘Nelson 2’ in April  2015.