Data Policies and Protocols

The PIE LTER strives to make available to the public data collected by the project as well as other important long-term data. It is recognized that researchers have an obligation to contribute all LTER funded data to the PIE-LTER database and to publish the data in a timely fashion. It is also recognized that investigators must have reasonable opportunity to have first use of data they have collected (see Data Access Policy for the LTER Network).

Policy for Data Availability

PIE-LTER data and meta-data documentation are available for on-line access soon after data-processing and documentation are complete. The availability status for data-sets are defined as follows:

Type 1. Data that is freely available within 1-2 years with minimal restrictions.
Type 2. Exceptional data sets that are available only with written permission from the PI/investigator(s)

PIE data is freely available for download but we request that users of our data abide by the PIE LTER Data Use Agreement.

See LTER Network Information Management System Guidelines (V2_1_20180103) for LTER Network policy on Information management.