Data Overview

PIE LTER data can be found on this web site via the Data menu links to various Data Catalogs. PIE data is also available in national public repositories, Environmental Data Initiative (EDI Data Portal), Biological & Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO), DOE Ameriflux Network and the NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI Databases.  Broader scope of data can also be found using the DataOne network which consists of a Federation of member node data repositories (currently 42). EDI, the LTER Data Portal and BCO-DMO are member nodes.

Data files are available as comma-delimited (csv) files and also as Microsoft Excel files (xls) which include a sheet for metadata and a sheet for data.
Metadata is available in readable form on the the associated Data set page and as XML (EML, Ecological Metadata Language compliant).
Spatial data are downloadable in zip files which include all necessary GIS files and EML-compliant metadata in XML format.

PIE data is freely available for download but we request that users of our data abide by the PIE LTER Data Use Agreement.

Please visit Description of Information Management for more info about PIE LTER data and information management

Downloaded XML files are easily viewed and edited using Oxygen XML Editor