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PIE LTER data can be found on this web site via the Data menu links to various Data Catalogs. PIE data is also available in national public repositories, Environmental Data Initiative (EDI Data Portal), Biological & Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO), DOE Ameriflux Network and the NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI Databases. Broader scope of data can also be found using the DataOne network which consists of a Federation of member node data repositories (currently 42). EDI, the LTER Data Portal and BCO-DMO are member nodes.

Data files are available as comma-delimited (csv) files and also as Microsoft Excel files (xls) which include a sheet for metadata and a sheet for data.
Metadata is available in readable form on the the associated Data set page and as XML (EML, Ecological Metadata Language compliant).
Spatial data are downloadable in zip files which include all necessary GIS files and EML-compliant metadata in XML format.

PIE data is freely available for download and is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Please visit Description of Information Management for more info about PIE LTER data and information management

Downloaded XML files are easily viewed and edited using Oxygen XML Editor


Signature Data


Water chemistry of the Ipswich & Parker Rivers

Annual nutrient loading and yield to Plum Island Estuary

Daily nutrients from Sigma autosamplers in various watershed locations

Nutrient grab samples from 6 sites of the Ipswich and Parker River


Surface elevation table, raw data, for four transects in the Rowley River study area

Marsh porewater nutrient concentrations along the Parker River, MA

Spartina alterniflora biomass, Law's Point Control

Spartina alterniflora productivity, Law's Point Control

Water Column

Parker River and Plum Island Sound dawn and dusk dissolved oxygen transects

Parker River and Plum Island Sound water chemistry transects

Phytoplankton identification using HPLC and Chem Taxonomy, Plum Island Sound estuary


Benthic metabolism in the Plum Island Sound estuary

Benthic bulk sediment carbon, nitrogen, chlorophyll a, phaeopigments and porosity from Parker and Rowley River sites


 Annual functional group stable isotope surveys in the Plum Island Sound estuary

Bird observations at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Long Term Experiments

Biomass measurements Spartina alterniflora low marsh plot-level marsh fertilization experimental site

Annual productivity at Spartina alterniflora low marsh plot-level marsh fertilization experimental site

Pore water nutrient chemistry from three marsh fertilization experimental research sites

Sediment-elevation table measurements from three marsh fertilization experimental research sites


Other Data Links

Find data via Data One, a distributed network of data centers, science networks and organizations. The following links provide access to additional information and data for people interested in coastal ecosystems with a focus on Northeast Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Property Information
Mass GIS, Massachusetts Interactive Property Map provides parcel level information about properties in Massachusetts


Massachusetts Geological Survey, Geology resources and geologic maps and data for Massachusetts
Onshore-Offshore Surficial Geologic Map of the Newburyport East and Northern Half of the Ipswich Quadrangles, Massachusetts.
MSG Geologic Map GM 13-01 By Christopher J. Hein, Duncan M. Fitzgerald, Walter A, Barnhardt and Byron D. Stone, 2013.


Climate data for stations in Northeastern, MA can be obtained through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Climate Data Center (NCDC).
Search for data at: NCDC Climate Data On Line, using the following NCDC station names and COOP IDs that are pertinent to PIE LTER.

NCDC Station Names and COOP IDs

Logan Airport, Boston, MA: 190770

Groveland, MA: 193276

Bedford, MA: 190535

Haverhill, MA: 193505

Lawrence, MA: 194105

Marblehead, MA:  194505

Middleton, MA: 194744

Reading, MA: 196783

Ipswich, MA: 193876

Newburyport, MA: 195285

Atmospheric Deposition

Atmospheric deposition (wet and dry) available through the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) NADP
Links to NADP site data useful for PIE watersheds:

Station East (MA13), Lexington, MA - NADP/NTN Monitoring Location MA13.
Station North Atlantic Coastal Lab (MA01),Truro, MA - NADP/NTN Monitoring Location MA01.
Station Boston University (MA22), Boston, MA - NADP/NTN Monitoring Location MA22.
Station Arnold Arboretum (MA98), Boston, MA - NADP/NTN Monitoring Location MA98.

Sea Level
Graphics of NOAA/NOS CO-OPS Boston, Massachusetts sea level trends (Boston station number 8443970) Boston, MA sea level trends (1921-2019)
Station information for Boston, Massachusetts Boston, MA water level station 8443970

Graphics of NOAA/NOS CO-OPS Portland, Maine sea level trends (Portland station number 8418150) Portland, ME sea level trends (1912-2019)
Station information for Portland, Maine Portland, ME water level station 8418150

Graphics of NOAA/NOS CO-OPS Charleston, South Carolina sea level trends (Charleston station number 8665530) Charleston, SC sea level trends (1901-2019)
Station information for Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, SC water level station 8665530

Convert Datums using VDatum a free software tool being developed jointly by NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS)Office of Coast Survey (OCS), and Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). VDatum is designed to vertically transform geospatial data among a variety of tidal, orthometric and ellipsoidal vertical datums - allowing users to convert their data from different horizontal/vertical references into a common system and enabling the fusion of diverse geospatial data in desired reference levels.

USGS records of historical discharge (1945 - current year) for USGS Parker River at Byfield, MA, Station 01101000
USGS records of historical discharge (1938 - current year) for USGS Ipswich River at South Middleton, MA, Station 01101500
USGS records of historical discharge (1930 - current year) for USGS Ipswich River near Ipswich, MA, Station 01102000


LTER Network Links

LTER Network information is available from the LTER Network Information System via data portals and links related to research conducted within the LTER Network.

LTER Network website

LTER YouTube

Environmental Data Initiative Data Portal

LTER Site Profiles

LTER/USFS Climate and Hydrology Data

Ecotrends Long Term Data

LTER Remote Sensing Information