PIE LTER bird observations associated with marsh sites used in space for time sea level rise study, Rowley, MA.


This dataset contains observations of birds foraging at high and low tide at space for time substition plots in tidal creek marshes off the Rowley River and Plum Island Sound in Rowley Massachusetts. The space for time  study uses an intensive and comprehensive approach to compare low elevation, Spartina alterniflora marsh areas to higher elevation Spartina patens marsh areas. Birds were observed using timed interval observations, with one sampling bout per tide per site.

Other related data files include:
HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Sites, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Biomass, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Quads, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Sediments, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Bites, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Sticky, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Decomp, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Traps, HTL-RO-ST-MAR-Deep_pitfalls

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Surveys were conducted at low and high tide at each site twice.  At each site, three observation points were selected to provide three complementary views of the zone.  These observation points covered the marsh platform, creekside marsh edge, and upland-side marsh edge. At each of the three points, observers performed a 10 minute scan using binoculars. During the scan, they noted the following about any bird observed: species, activity (flying, standing in marsh, standing in creek, hunting, nesting), and it’s location within an area (upland edge, midmarsh, creekbank, mudflat, in creek). Observers endeavoured to only count each individual once during a 10 minute scan.


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Version 01: August 29, 2019, data and metadata updates to comply with importation to DEIMS7 and LTER Data Portal. Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Jun2019.xlsm 6/7/19 12:58 PM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0


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