PIE LTER year 2020, meteorological data, 15 minute intervals, from the PIE LTER Marshview Farm weather station located in Newbury, MA


Year 2020 meteorological measurements at MBL Marshview Farm of air temperature, humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), wind speed and direction and barometric pressure.  Sensors conduct measurements every 5 secs and measurements are reported  as averages or totals for 15 minute intervals.
15 minute averages are reported  for air temperature, humidity, solar radiation, PAR, wind speed and direction and barometric pressure.
15 minute totals are reported for precipitation.

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The data file is a summary of daily weather data from the PIE LTER weather station located at MBL Marshview Farm in Newbury, MA.

The weather station is solar powered using a Solarex MSX-20 20 watt solar module including a 12V charger and regulator and 12 AH lead acid battery.  The system was supplied by Campbell Scientific Inc.,
The data logger is supplied by Campbell Scientific CR10X-1M data logger with 1 megabyte memory storage module and Campbell Scientific Loggernet software.
The enclosure and tower is a Campbell Scientific ENC 12/14 (12” X 14” weather proof enclosure), CM10 (10’ tripod, grounding kit and CM10 guy wire kit.
Data telemetry/Communication (Year 2020 currently not working, perhaps line of sight issues, tree interference)

at MBL Marshview Farm field station

   - RF 310M, RF Modem for use w/Maxon radios

   - RF 310, Maxon radio for 148-174 MHZ – 158.34 MHZ

   - Yagi antenna – Antennex Y1503 3DB 150-174 MHz

   at Base station, Rowley field station

   - RF 310B Base station for use w/Maxon radio

   - FG1563, Omni directional antenna 155-162 MHZ, 3 DB gain


Sensors used:
Temperature and Humidity
Vaisala HMP45C temperature and humidity sensor with solar radiation shield.  Specifications: +/- 1% accuracy over – 40 to 60 °C temperature range

Precipitation gauge
Texas Electronic TE525WS-L, 8” rain gage with CS705 precipitation adapter for snow fall.  Specifications: +/- 1% accuracy up to 1 in./hr.

Solar radiation, 400-1100 nm, Licor LI200X-L pyranometer, mounted at 3 meter heightSpecifications: +/- 3% typical accuracy

Photosynthetically active radiation, 400-700 nm, Licor LI190SB quantum sensor, mounted at 3 meter height
Specifications: +/- 5% calibration, National Institute of Standards Technology

Wind speed and direction
RM Young 05103 Wind monitor, mounted at 3 meter height

Barometric pressure
Vaisala PTB110
Specifications: +/- 1 mB @ -20oC to +45o C.

2020 Year of COVID-19 protocols with reduced field work due to pandemic
Radio telemetry not working, need to download data to lap top using SC32A interface to CR10X logger and Loggernet software
June 7, 2020 Precipitation snow adapter removed
November 5, 2020 Precipitation snow adapter put on for Winter season


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