PIE LTER study of marsh vegetation percent cover at Greenwood Creek, Ipswich, MA effluent enrichment and Clubhead Creek, Rowley, MA reference sites


Vegetation percent cover data along transects through a nutrient enriched marsh receiving wastewater effluent and a reference (unenriched) marsh. Nutrient enrichment comes from the Ipswich Wastewater Treatment Facility on Greenwood Creek in Ipswich.  The marsh around Clubhead Creek, Rowley, MA was used as a reference.

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Five transects were laid out in along Greenwood Creek .  These varied in length from 25 through 50 m and started at edge of marsh creek and ran perpendicular to upland..  Two transects along Clubhead Creek were the same ones used as reference for the haying study.  These are about 150 m long.  0.2x1m quadrats placed down at 5m intervals along transect lines at Greenwood and 10 m intervals at Clubhead Creek.   Percent covers are estimated visually and are based on the entire area within the quadrat including non vegetated areas. Absolute and % covers can then be calculated for each transect. 

NOTES AND COMMENTS: Names of observers: RB (Robert Buchsbaum), HG (Hap Garritt, HH (Heather Haas), and JL (John Logan).

 If a percent cover was judged to be <1%, it was entered as 0.001 decimal fraction on the spreadsheet.


Version 01, initial Excel to EML metadata
Version 02 keyword update
Version 03: January 12, 2017, data and metadata updates to comply with importation to Drupal and LTER PASTA. Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Jul2016.xlsm 7/20/16 5:08 PM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0
Version 04: January 28, 2019, data and metadata updates to comply with importation to DEIMS7 and LTER Data Portal. Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Jan2018.xlsm 6/21/18 3:53 PM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0


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