Long Term Experiments

PIE LTER salt marsh vegetation zones along transects in Rowley, MA


Marsh vegetation presence-absence data along  transects in salt marsh sites in Rowley, MA. The transects are intended to study long term changes in marsh vegetation. Four sites ((12 transects) were originally set up to study the impact of salt marsh haying. Two of these sites (labeled McH and EPH) were regularly hayed until 2002. The other two (PUH and CC) were reference sites. Two additional sites labeled RM and RR (8 transects) were originally set up to track invasion by Phragmites australis.

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Semi-quantitive delineations of the vegetation zones along marsh transects. Transects typically start at edge of marsh creek and run perpendicular to upland.  Lengths of individual transects vary from 15-150 m depending on the shape of the marsh sites and the number of transect line differed for the four sites.  Observations made toward the end of the growing season,typically in late August through early October. A zone was recorded. Single species zones meant that species comprised greater than approximately 80% cover. Where no one species covered greater than 80%, it was considered a mixed zone.

NOTES AND COMMENTS: Names of observers: RB (Robert Buchsbaum), ADR (April Ridlon), LD (Elizabeth Duff), FS (Flavio Sutti, CN (Carl Noblett)


Version 01: July 30, 2021, new data and metadata updates to comply with importation to DEIMS7 and LTER Data Portal. Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Jul2021.xlsm 7/26/2021 9:04 AM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0.


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