Estuarine Physics

Year 2001 measurements of water column depth at 15 minute intervals in the upper Parker River at Middle Road (Thurlow's Bridge), Byfield, MA.


Year 2001, 15 minute readings of water column depth in the upper Parker River at Middle Road (Thurlow's Bridge), Byfield, MA. Middle Road is located 18.5 km up the estuary from the 0 km reference at the mouth of Plum Island Sound. Water depths are relative to the sonde pressure transducer and are not associated with a datum.

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Measurements are made using a YSI 6600 water quality sonde with internal datalogging capabilities. YSI Sonde water level sensor consists of a vented level depth sensor (stainless steel strain gauge). July 10, 2001, PVC pipe and connectors that support the YSI sonde in the water column have come loose. Sonde was removed from the pipe until a replacement can be constructed that will be more secure when attached to the bridge facing. Sonde was not redeployed after July 2001 for the remainder of year 2001.


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