PIE LTER marsh sediment porewater nutrient concentrations from Spartina sp. and Typha sp. sites along the Parker River and Rowley River, MA.


Marsh sediment porewater nutrient concentrations  [NH4+, NO3-, DOC, TDN, H2S] and salinity are reported from Spartina sp. and Typha sp. sites along the Parker and Rowley Rivers, MA. Porewater peeper poles are used for collection and the poles are located in the vicinity of the marsh water table sites for the Railroad, Typha, Shad and Nelson sites.

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Porewater is sampled monthly from May through December.  Samples are retrieved from seven diffusion sampling poles at four sites, Railroad and Typha, along the Parker River and Shad and Nelson, along the Rowley River.  At each site, one pole is located 4 m from creek edge and another pole is 10 m from creek edge.  Nelson also has a pole 75 m from the creek.  Samples are retrieved at depths of 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 cm, and are filtered and partitioned for analysis.  Nitrate, NH4, DOC, TDN and H2S concentrations are measured in each sample according to standard laboratory protocols, and salinity is measured using a conductivity probe.  Beginning in 2017 sulfide (H2S) is also measured from each site.  Analyses are conducted according to PIE-LTER protocols (

The Shad, Nelson and Railroad sites are dominated by Spartina sp and the Typha site is dominated by Typha sp.

Phosphate was only measured for some 2004 samples.
Sites at Nelson (high marsh 1.3m NAVD88) and Shad (low marsh 1.1m NAVD88) were added in 2017.
Only the 4m sites at Typha and Railroad are measured starting in 2017.
Samplers are located in the same place each year. 

New sites GPSed in 2018

Site  Elevation (m)   Latitude  Longitude
Nelson 4m  1.086  42.7419505  -70.8308365
Nelson 10m  1.441   42.7420214  -70.8308159
Nelson 75m  1.439   42.7426213   -70.8307631
Shad 4m  1.169   42.7344157   -70.8380359
Shad 10m  1.065   42.7344368   -70.8381692




Porewater is sampled monthly from May through December.

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