Saw Mill Brook

Year 2005, 15 or 30 minute measurements of stage in a small headwater stream draining a highly suburban catchment (72% residential), Saw Mill Brook, Burlington, MA.


Year 2005 continuous measurements, every 15-30 minutes, were made of stage in a small headwater stream, Saw Mill Brook, Burlington, MA, draining a highly suburban catchment (72% residential). Some water temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen numbers during the summer. Discharge is determined from stage using discharge vs stage regressions.

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This file consists primarily of depth data collected using a depth sonde integrated with a Sigma Autosampler, and some YSI datalogger data. YSI and Sigma depth are standardized to HOBO depth. HOBOS were deployed in later years. Standardization allows application of a single rating curve. YSI sondes were deployed briefly during the summer.

YSI 6200 data sondes were deployed vertically in a pool deep enough to contain water during dry conditions. Sigma autosampler is primarily used to gather information on water depth. Discharge from Sigma depth measurements should be used with caution due to periodic unreliability of the readings.

YSI: The YSI sonde was deployed in a PVC tube, which was attached to ree-bar driven into the stream bed. The PVC tube had holes drilled to allow adequate water circulation. Dissolved oxygen measurements are of poor quality because the the bottom of the pool was often filled in with detritus following intermediate sized storms, leading to anoxic conditions. To alleviate this problem, the PVC tube was raised 10.1 cm on 7/16/03. This file includes the raw depth measurement (RAWYSI_Depth), as well as the depth measurement corrected to the YSI depth after the change in tube height (YSI_Depth_STD). In this file they are the same.

The PVC tube was surveyed upon original deployment in 2001 and resurveyed in 2002 to ensure that elevation did not change during winter ice period. No change was detected. No evidence of change has been noted through 2006 based on discharge measurements. See discussion below for development of the discharge-stage relationship.

Recalibration of oxygen, conducitivty and depth was performed roughly every 4-6 weeks. Instrument drift during deployment periods was not significant.

SIGMA AUTOSAMPLER: Depth is recorded using a depth sonde integrated with the Sigma autosampler. Sonde was secured to cinder block driven into the stream bottom and the measured depth referenced to YSI depth. Discharge using Sigma depth should be used with caution because of instrument problems and a less stable mount on the stream bottom, though an effort was made to provide a reasonable depth/discharge estimate that can be used to compare across instruments/times.

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH LOCATION COORDINATES: In addition to the decimal degree coordinates given above, locations are also given here in Massachusetts State Plane coordinates. The stream is called SawMill Br. and is located in Burlington MA. Small amounts of forest remain (~14% in 1999), much of which is along the stream channel near the gaging site.

YSI-SB 225840 919310

Dissolved oxygen concentrations generally reflect water column levels. However, due to the position of the sonde, detritus periodically covered the bottom of the sondes where the D.O. probe is located, leading to anoxic conditions. It is likely that low D.O. levels reflect benthic conditions.

Velocity measurements were made using a Marsh McBirney current meter and starting in 2009 with a Sontek Flowtracker. Discharge estimates in Saw Mill are based on a power rating curve that contains measurements up to a stage depth of 1.2 meters, which is above bankfull stage. Rating curve has an R2 of 0.89 using 40 measurements between 2001 and 2009. The rating curve has not noticeably changed over the period. Prior to 2007, stage was measured with various other instruments (YSI, Sigma depth sonde, HOBO). All files in this series (2001-2009) are now standardized to HOBO depth. The rating curve is based on the standardized HOBO depth's (and actual HOBO depths since 2007).

Discharge rating curve :
Discharge (l/s) = 889.65*depth^5.8788
where depth is StandardizedHoboDepths

Several depth are included in this file to allow comparison with earlier file version. RAWYSI_Depth is the depth measured by the YSI and is used by an initial, preliminary rating curve. YSI_Depth_STD is depth adjusted to standardize for the change in stilling well depth in July 2003. The column Depth_Device is included when combining files from several years, over which several different devices were used to calculate depth. StandardizedHoboDepths is the depth that is standardized across all measurement devices so that a single rating curve can be applied. The rating curve is standardized to the Hobo depth measurements, which were started in 2006.

YSI Depths were standardized to HOBO depths accoriding to (StandardizedHoboDepths = YSI_Depth_STD + 0.21)

Sigma Depths were standardized to HOBO depths accorinding to (StandardizedHoboDepths =SIGMA_DEPTH + 0.237)

A flow reading that was reported by the Sigma is also included. Sigma flow was calculated using a rating curve programed into the Sigma using an old rating curve. This is used for reference to the nutrient sampling performed by the Sigma when programmed under a flow-weighted program. The column Depth_Device is included when combining files from several years, over which several different devices were used to calculate depth.

Also, at times depth and discharge may be periodically erroneous due to leaf pack accumulation at a riffle downstream causing backup. We remove this whenever we visit the site. Generally we believe the depth error is on the order of 2-4 centemeters. The depth data have not been corrected for errors associated with temporary debris dams.


Periodic with improvement of rating curve, particularly as more high discharge events are incorporated.
This file was initially loaded in September 2007.
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Version 03, 08June2010, date and rating curve data update, revised in 2009 to standardize YSI depths to HOBO datalogger depths used in later years - uses revised rating curve that includes all measurements between 2001 and 2009
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