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PIE LTER study of marsh vegetation percent cover and biomass at the end of the growing season at Greenwood Creek, Ipswich, MA effluent enrichment and Clubhead Creek, Rowley, MA reference sites


End of growing season vegetation percent cover and biomass data for effluent enrichment vs. reference  marsh sites. Nutrient enrichment comes from the Ipswich Wastewater Treatment Facility on Greenwood Creek in Ipswich.  The marsh around Clubhead Creek, Rowley, MA was used as a reference.

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Samples for biomass measurements were collected along transects in the enriched (Greenwood) and reference (Clubhead) marshes.  These are the same transects used in LTE-MF-VEGTRANS.xls and LTE-MF-VEGQUADS.  Five transects varying from 25 to 50 m depending on the shape of the marsh were set up in 2002.  Transects ran from the edge of Greenwood Creek to the upland.  Transects at Clubhead Creek ran ca. 150 m from the edge of the creek to the upland near Stackyard Rd.  Quadrats (either 0.01 or 0.0441 m2) were placed down at 5 m intervals along the Greenwood transect and 10 m along the Clubhead transect.

See LTE-MF-GREENWOOD-CLUBHEAD-VEGST.xls for locations of transects.

Estimates of percent cover by species were recorded, then all plants within the quadrat were clipped at the surface of the sediment.  Plants were then sorted into living and dead aboveground biomass.  Living plants were sorted by species.  Plant material was then dried at 60oC until constant weight (approximately 48 hrs) and then weighed on an electronic balance. 

NOTES AND COMMENTS: Names of observers: RB (Robert Buchsbaum), HG (Hap Garritt).

The biomass data in this file is expressed in g per m2.  The raw data entered onto original spreadsheet contained the biomass in grams per quadrat, which was either 0.01 or 0.0625 m2 depending on the anticipated density of plants at each site.

The outfall of the wastewater plant provides high nutrients and freshwater in the vicinity of the Greenwood Creek transects.

The % cover data in this file are based on a rather small quadrat and were collected as a quality control procedure for the biomass samples.  Use LTE-MF-VEGQUADS for vegetation analysis.


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