Year 2016, wind sensor data, 15 minute intervals, from the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club pier located in Ipswich, MA


Wind sensor measurements (wind speed and wind direction) for 2016 at the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club, Ipswich, MA, 15 minute average measurements.

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The data file represents wind speed and wind direction data from the PIE LTER weather station located at the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club, Ipswich, MA.

Sensors used:
Wind speed and direction RM Young 05103 Wind monitor

On September 19, 15:15, 2011 the YSI Data Collection Platform (DCP 6200 with Zeno datalogger) was replaced with a Campbell Scientific CR1000 data logger and LoggerNet software.

Measurements conducted at 5 second intervals and 15 minute averages recorded in the CR1000. There are sporadic instances of no data (documented in Comments field of the data) due primarily to low battery voltage over several days causing the datalogger to malfunction.

RM Young 05103, Sensor is mounted on top of 15 ft pole which is mounted on top of IBYC pier deck railing secured to a post.
Height Pole 15 ft
Railing 3.3 ft above deck
Deck is ~22.5 ft above sediment bottom
High tide water level ~ 16 ft  
Sensor is 40.8 ft above water bottom or ~ 24 ft (7 meters) above high tide water level

Installation of RM Young 05103 Wind Sensor at IBYC, December 20, 2005
The sensor and mounting pipe were attached next to the existing RF antenna pole used for the YSI sonde radio transmission.
The mounting pipe consisted of three, five foot galvanized threaded pipes, ¾” diameter coupled together. A 1” to ¾” reducing fitting was attached to the top to
accommodate the 1” diameter fitting for the sensor.
Junction box facing “South”, 180 degrees opposite true North (16 degree declination from magnetic North).


Final data set 2016

Version 01: September 7, 2017, updated data and metadata for DEIMS 7 and PASTA.Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Jun2017.xlsm 6/15/17 10:23 AM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0


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