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Year 2017, 15 minute measurements of stage, water temperature in a small headwater stream draining draining a mainly forested catchment (55% forest + 19% wetland), Cart Cr., Newbury, MA.


Year 2017, continuous measurements, every 15 minutes, were made of stage, water temperature in  Cart Creek, Newbury, MA, a small headwater stream draining a mainly forested catchment (55% forest + 19% wetland) in the Parker River watershed.  Discharge is determined from stage using discharge vs stage regressions.

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Depth and water temperature were measured using a HOBO data logger deployed in a stilling well.  

Depths are corrected for barometric pressure changes using readings in an additional HOBO datalogger deployed at Marshview Farm.  The HOBO is deployed in a  a PVC tube, which was attached to ree-bar driven into the stream bed.  The PVC tube has holes drilled to allow adequate water circulation.

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH LOCATION COORDINATES:  In addition to the decimal degree coordinates given above, locations are also given here in Massachusetts State Plane coordinates.  The stream is called Cart Cr. and is located in Newbury MA.  Some residential area is present. (~ 10% of the basin).  In addition, I-95 passes through the center of the catchment, resulting in roughly 8% impervious surface area

STATION       STATE X           STATE Y
YSI-CC           247680                  946790


Prior to July 2009, velocity measurements were made using a Marsh McBirney current meter.  After that, a Sontek Flowtracker was used. Discharge estimates in Cart Cr. are based on a power rating curve that contains measurements up to a depth of 0.834 meters, which is above bankfull stage. Measurements collected after 2011 confirm the same rating curve is applicable.

The rating curve has an R2 of 0.95 using 32 measurements between Summer2007 and  Fall 2017.

The column Depth_Device is included when combining files from several years, over which several different devices were used to calculate depth.  HOBO_Depth is the depth that is standardized across all measurement devices so that a single rating curve can be applied. 


Discharge (l/s) = 1074.5*Depth^7.6501
where Depth is HOBO_Depth

1  = datalogger malfunction
2  = datalogger not deployed


Data complete for the year.

Version 01: December 2, 2020, data and metadata updates to comply with importation to DEIMS7 and LTER Data Portal. Used MarcrosExportEML_HTML (working)pie_excel2007_Sep2020.xlsm 9/17/20 1:11 PM for QA/QC to EML 2.1.0.


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