Proposals & Other Documents

Year Title Link
2016 PIE LTER IV Proposal PIE_IV_proposal.PDF
2012 PIE LTER IIIb Proposal addendum PIE_IIIb_addendum.PDF
2012 PIE LTER IIIb Proposal PIE_IIIb_proposal.PDF
2010 PIE LTER III Proposal PIE_III_proposal.PDF
2009 Summary of Research Summary-research-2009
2007 PIE LTER Site Review PIE_II_SiteReview.PDF
2004 PIE LTER II Proposal PIE_II_proposal.PDF
2003 Summary of Research Summary-Research-2003
2001 PIE LTER Site Review PIE_I_SiteReview.PDF
1998 PIE LTER I Proposal PIE_I_proposal.PDF
1997 Summary of Research Summary-research-1997