Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Potential in Coastal Wetlands.

TitleAssessment of Carbon Sequestration Potential in Coastal Wetlands.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMorris JT, Edwards J, Crooks S, Reyes E
Secondary AuthorsLal R, Lorenz K, Hüttl R, Schneider BU, von Braun J
Book TitleRecarbonization of the Bioshpere: Ecosystem and Global Carbon Cycle.
Accession NumberPIE303
Keywordsanthropogenic disturbance; autochthonous; carbon sequestration; carbon stocks; coastal ecosystems; coastal wetlands; digital elevation model; diking; disturbance; drainage; holocene; mangroves; marsh equilibrium model; organic matter; organic rich soil; PIE LTER; primary production; sea level rise; subsidence; suspended solids; tidal amplitude; tidal marshes; tide range
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